DORITTOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I don’t know where I’m going
DORRITTOOOOO!!! I don’t know where I am.

    When you don’t expect you can get by. 
    Poster boy for start drinking again or to stay dry. 
    Lesson learned and declined. 
    Don’t talk to me like we don’t talk or never have before. 
    I get the news. Hello. 
    I get the long goodbye. 
    Casey, look at me when I’m talking to you. 
    It’s settling in half time. 
    I am the spring cleaning crew. 
    Refurnishing the pass by. 
    I broke my neck to see you. 
    Split ends. 
    Four reasons I can’t explain myself to myself. 
    Oh it’s okay just wanna meet you. 

    One of these are burning in bright light. 
    One of these are burying the guidelines. 
    One of these rat fucks are swimming in the pipelines. 
    One of these rat fucks?

    20 April, 2014


Big ass nug. No big deal.